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Fender Monterey Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker for rock fans, and more so… Fender fans!

Posted by My Bluetooth Speaker on Monday, 28 August 2017

Animal Speaker’s Review

So, I feel it is important to review all the products sold on this website, before actually putting them up and today I reviewed the cute little Dog Speaker, and I do have to say, it is not a bad little device for it’s size and 2Watts of audio output.

It comes in a compact neat package and includes a USB cable for quick and easy charging as well as a handy strap for carrying/wrapping around your wrist.

Setup was straight-forward and took less than a minute to pair with my mobile phone after having unboxed the speaker.

Neat features are that it allow you to use the power button on the speaker to take photos via your mobile phone from a distance. It also has a built in microphone giving you the ability to use it as a hands-free device for phone calls.

All in all, a very decent bluetooth speaker.